well holy fucking shit if this isn't my favourite post on livejournal ever. thank you.
i love donnie darko but frank creeps the hell out of me:D awesome post!
Oh man. This post was wonderful.

I actually have that same tradition. I got Donnie Darko as a birthday present on my 16th birthday and have been watching it every year since and multiple times in between.

Frank is my favorite.
Jaaaaaake ♥ (And yet I don't have an icon of him. That needs sorting).

Really great post && Movie.
i watched donnie darko yesterday for the first time in a year, so i think this post was wondeful.
It is ridiculous how much I'm enjoying this post. Have you seen S.Darko? I don't know how I feel about it. But I might just end up being Frank for Halloween because of this post. So thanks. (:

And if I may, I'm adding you on tumblr.
I haven't seen S.Darko and I don't really want to. I'm afraid it'll ruin DD for me. And yay Frank!!
i love donnie darko. so much. i want a tattoo inspired by it.
i hated s.Darko, but it did have amazing dark scenes.

thank you for this amazing post! :)
Me too! It's my favorite movie! I haven't watched S.Darko and I don't plan to. It might ruin DD for me. :/
fantastic! this makes me want to do a themed post about Secretary, which I cannot stop watching, over and over.
I say again, this is a fantastic post and it truly inspired me. <3
After I first saw this movie every time a jet/plane flew by my house I was afraid it was going to crash through the roof and kill me.
As everyone else has said, this post is simply amazing. S. Darko was a bad film, major disappointment as well.
Too bad S.Darko was a disappointment for you. A lot of my friends didn't like it either. This is why I just can't bring myself to watch it.
this was an amazingly good post. i have yet to see donnie darko.
i love this post, it's finally a post in this community i find actually inspiring & well done.
I dressed up as Donnie for Halloween... I think it turned out really well considering I couldn't find a skeleton costume (so I hand made one) and I am a girl... so yea!