NSFW, just in case

I got a tumblr recently so

So: ships, two captains, girls, dogs, the doctor, old photos of ladies, marshall eriksen, an x-ray, the master, space, an LT, screencaps, a lion, a fortune cookie message, plus more
(but not in that order)


Johnny Wander <3 start from the beginning

That got a little out of hand! Sorry.
(I like to be easy to find)
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I have a lot of love for the ninth doctor, though, don't get me wrong! he is so wonderfully London, through and through.
What is the other movie Fight Club is being compared to?

I must watch it.
It's from an episode of Doctor Who 2005, "The End of the World"
I'm obsessed :(
Nice post. :)

Heh, that Xray picture is pretty much the same as mine. Although my ehr, pins, are placed higher, from my neck down to my middle back.
Sorry, useless information. :')
not useless! are you fused because of scoliosis? I am. My spine was fully fused but I had some hardware hiccups so they removed some of the hardware. They let me have some of the hooks & stuff they took out :D
malcolm reynolds and johnny wander. high fives, cause I never comment on posts here.
Yay! That miniseries has influenced my aesthetic like you have no idea. I've capped it and it's waiting to be made into a costume picspam. I'm pretty excited about it :D
I clicked and the first pic was of Gee getting his hamster cage. following I don't need to know anything else.
This is a BEAUTIFUL post. Seriously beautiful. Like outrageously beautiful!