ah deary loved this post man, soo much love for calvin and hobbes... seriously some comics are so underrated and so is this one, hehe, so much wisdom in a little guy and his tiger
agh, calvin and hobbes <3 the comics always have such an effect on me. i love them so much!
this comic prettymuch shaped me. My childhood teddybear, who still sits on a shelf now above my bed, now, at 23, is called Hobbes. It wasn't until I was 18 or something I figured out they're both the named after philosophers, and they both sort of share the points-of-view of their namesakes. Hobbes has no faith in people, Calvin believes in destruction.

Fucking amazing comic. And dude bailed out before he sold out, I respect that too.

and sorry for syntax or whatever I'm a little drunk :)
I love Calvin & Hobbes. I used to have a big book of it and always read it. Thanks for posting these, I saved a few or more, <3