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 Hello there! This will be my first post in this lovely community- I hope you all enjoy it :)

I am inspired by:

I cannot take credit for any of these lovely images- I found them mostly on Tumblr and Weheartit.

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wow. i wish i was rich or had the ability to save money. :(
the shoes with the thick link chain base. amazing! any idea where they are from?
They were designed by a Swedish duo for a design competition- unfortunately they are completely unwearable and I don't believe they are for sale.
Anyways, the designers are Tove Jansson and Per Emanuelsson.
wow- do women really wear these? ;)
they are beautiful to look at but i think i'll stick with my black oxford safeTsteps!
This post INSPIRED me. I've an avid shoe addict. I saved every single pic. Thank you!
oh my god. perfect post. PERFECT!
nice job bb, I love almost all these shoes ♥

I looooooove shoes, especially funky, designer ones! Please post more/often!!!
would you happen to know the designer on the disco ball heels, the lacey sock heels (with the metronome), & the last picture?
The last pair of heels is by Jil Sander, the lace sock heels are by Coppelia Pique, and frankly, I'm unsure of who makes the disco ball heels, sorry :(
LOVELOVELOVEOMG. I was actually thinking of doing a shoes and socks post a while ago, but never got around to it. I might get on that now. :D
They're pretty to look at, but this one is the only one that looked even close to being comfortable. (Then again I'm a short, pudgy chick with tiny feet so maybe part of it's perception?)