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so, I've been a member here for quite a while and I'm finally getting around to uploading all of the stuff I drag to my computer. Unfortunately, I don't know the sources to (most) of these =/

Chema Madoz

Cassy Warren =]

Mel Kadel

"Since I cannot have you I will honor you" Mel Kadel

SFW, 20+ images
O hai! I used that beetle(?) picture as a drawing reference once. And that silly sketchbook drawing of mine that you posted is what my artist used as a reference for my elbow tattoo. Idk if you knew that already.<3
I might have yanked it from you, in that case. I was wondering where I found it, and knew I liked it and that it made me think of that drawing (emerge/emergency...yeah, I know your work too well, hah).

And nice! I didn't know that. It's getting me in a fall mood though, which is good cause we had a lot of wind saturday and there are leaves EVERYWHERE.
I've been excited lately because the sidewalks here are so covered with leaves, that they're up to your ankles when you walk through them. This won't last long before the wind blows them away.
the leaves haven't finished changing here yet, and I KNOW that I need to get to the country soon so I can see more of this, but my brother is busy with his "grown up" life and I don't know who else lives way the hell out in the middle of no where, hah.
Really, really love the third one down.
& Chema Madoz ♥ !
thanks for these.
the first one is definitely my favourite out of the bunch. i love it soo much. do you remember where you got it?