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I have an obsession I hope at least some of you share

or a bed that just seems generally cozy and mostly enclosed
You've probably seen most of these before

a loose interpretation but hey, totally acceptable reading nook

Hope you enjoyed. :)

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Augh I love all of these. Why is my flat so fugly and low-ceilinged? I need more of this in my life.
i love the ones with little book shelves inside.
i would crawl in there and never come out.
Oh my gosh I share this obsession. I want something like this SO BAD. Lovely pictures <3
Wow, omg. These are amazing. I really like the one with the HUGE bed underneath those stairs.
I would LOVE the 2nd, 4th, or 12th! They are gorgeous! I can just see myself snuggling in with a mug of tea and a big thick book! :)
I think I have architecture lust. Or bibliophile lust.

....probably both.
This is my DREAM POST.

*hugs all the pics forever!*

I love nooks and tucked-away spaces - thank you so much for this post! :D
that reading nook is so amazing...but in general UGH BED NOOKS WHEN CAN I HAVE ONE AND WHY ISN'T THAT NOW?

great post!
Aaahhh I'm in love! These beds all look so cozy, I want them! :)
holy cow. bed nooks are so dreamy (guess that's pretty appropriate). i LOVE #3 and #5. and the 4th from the bottom.

best post everrrrr!!!
Thank you so much for this. Just seeing them makes me want all of them so, so much. If there isn't one of these in my house when I grow up, I will design it in.
all *looks* amazing, but I wouldn't sleep on/in sth like that --too claustrophobic
So amazing. I wish I had endless dollars to build a house with a bedroom like these.
These are absolutely amazing. Especially that second one; I would want my kids to have a room like that.

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