Anyone who knows me knows that I knit. A lot. Some people don't get it. I often get people giving me weird looks, or looks of extreme surprise and shock when I tell them I knit. I guess knitting has not been seen as a very "hip" thing to do...but I don't think that knitting has to be a "granny" activity. Handknit sweaters and scarves don't have to look like they were handed down to you from your great-grandmother. There are so many awesome things you can do with handknitting, and I wanted to share some of that.

Each picture is linked back to the original source. I tried my best to find blog posts and pattern pages, but for most of them, they're linked back to the project page on Ravelry, which you need an account to see. I highly recommend making an account if you're at all interested in knitting! It's an online encyclopedia of knitting patterns, yarns, and designers as well as an amazing community of knitters. Even if you're completely new to knitting, there are so many friendly people in the forums who are willing to help you and point you in the direction of great resources and tutorials.

P.S. My Ravelry username is skudge; feel free to friend me! :)
I know, same here! I seriously don't know what I would do without knitting. I would probably get really anxious and freak out every two minutes.
This post makes me sad that I gave up on knitting because I couldn't see the strings well enough so that when I dropped a few stitches I would always put them back on wrong and mess up. :( I really wanted to learn because I wanted to be able to do custom wrist warmers, hats, and blankets.
Stupid half blindness. :(
You should try crocheting. No worries about dropped stitches there, and you can make all of those things with crochet!
I am HORRIBLE at knitting... and crocheting. It annoys me because I really want to be good at it, but I can't seem to get the hang of it. I am quite the annoying perfectionist, so I can rarely give myself adequate time to learn a new skill before I move on and go back to something I already do well.

I really want to make that deer hat. It's ADORABLE! I should try to figure out how to make a friggin' scarf first though.. LOL
I would actually recommend knitting a hat rather than a scarf. Scarves are so long and repetitive, whereas hats are quicker knits, so it teaches you more without being boring. I'm not sure why a lot of beginners seem to start off making scarves; I think it's much more useful and fun to make something you really want. Don't be intimidated just because it's not a 2D shape — it's really not that bad! :)
thank you for inspiring me to pick my needles up again! i have a lot of down time as of late, this is the perfect thing to fill it with. those little bootie slippers are the best!
Oh man, too bad you don't live in my town. EVERYONE here knits. It's the cool thing to do. I get funny looks because I DON'T knit. My husband actually likes it a lot - he always wanted to learn but no one wanted to teach him. My mother was very happy to have someone to teach since I'm a lost cause. He made our great-nephew a baby blanket!
I've just started knitting, and it's pretty much fun! :D I've been looking at Stephanie Dosen's knits and I love her work, so I'll practice a lot to make some of her patterns. ^^
Thank you for this post! :)
I'm such a huge fan of hers, ahaha. I think the last three projects I finished were her patterns. :)
This post is really inspiring. Maybe I should finally finish the sweater I started knitting over a year ago.
Thank you!
That greyhound makes me so happy! My Grandmother used to (and still does, actually) knit small animals for me all the time. She's a menace on the needles.
I think it's really interesting how the waves of reality seems to connect - I just picked up knitting for the first time in 15 years last week, and this is truly inspiring! Thank you!
thank you thank you thank you! i just started knitting (i am granarchy on ravelry) and never would've thought to do a knitting inspo. post.
You just started knitting? All your projects are so gorgeous!! I'm friending you now.