Starting with forgiveness

Dear God,

How long have You been there? For the longest time, I thought You have abandoned me. I guess the proper statement would be, for the longest time, I didnt notice You were there...
I'm sorry...
I've blame You so much. I made everything hurt me, not mold me. My head was down in the dirt for me to figure that out.
You tested my limits, to the point of insanity. "Stupid. Ugly. Manipulative. Disgusting. Stupid." I hear them. Every night, sometimes day, alone in my room, over and over. It frightened me.
But then, a close friend of mine called, saying, 'Amazing. Smart. Kind. Funny. Why do you believe them, and not me? What happened to the person I know?' Thru her, I heard You. 'Why wait? You can start over, now.'
I laughed when I heard those comforting words. Over and over, family and friends tell me that, as frequent, as the blames I send towards you.
They dont matter. You have nothing to prove. Why are you so scared of false accusations?
Anger. Betrayal. Justice. Redemption.
Damn it. Its so hard being human. But I feel it, the hatred.
I am human, but I want to be a human, who makes good decisions.
God, please, i need Your help. Now, that I hear You now. Help me, let it go...
How does a human forgive?
Your child
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Talks from this brilliant woman Candice have really helped me deal with difficult emotions and circumstances.

"Nothing can make us feel negative, we choose whether we feel negativity."

New Beginnings: Facelift for Inspireplease

Hi Everyone,

My name is Milna and I am the new owner for inspireplease. I love taking pictures of landscapes and my favorite season is Winter. I simply want to keep this community spam free and encourage others to share things that inspire them.

I was granted ownership because the original owner was not maintaining or appointing people to take care of the community. I will need two people willing to take care of any spam or trolling. If you are interested please comment.

I think the rules in the profile are self-explanatory. I will do my part in cleaning up spam. If there is any other concerns please email me at selinakyle1983 @ and I will rectify the situation. I have removed moderation on posts. So have a blast inspiring us all.

A Lazy Writer's Journal

A Lazy Writer's Journal

My Thought #1

Most people simply settle for the first one they meet. It’s as though no longer being single is just another task in their daily planner - the sooner crossed off, the happier and more superior they feel. Relationships should not be viewed this way because once accomplished they do not vanish; you cannot turn the page and pay it no more attention. It requires daily care….constant work. And this common, misguided view towards love and relationships is why most relationships fail; they never existed to begin with.
- Christina P

in the deep shade

the music of the frames, a band from ireland, has long been an inspiration to me. love their music, love their shows.

conor masterson, a photographer, followed the band while they were touring a few years ago, and put together this film, in the deep shade. it's not a documentary, per se. it's more of a visual and auditory feast. i would have gone to see it somehow anyway, but when i saw this trailer i wanted to see the film based on its own visual merit. i first saw the film at a tiny music venue in manhattan, on a screen that was the wrong size (and therefore the aspect ratio was totally off, which was a sin.) loved it anyway (although i was bitter.) then i got to watch it the way it was meant to be seen and loved it even more.

"whatever it is that shuts us down, whatever it is that closes us up... the glue in our hearts or in our souls that closes us up and makes us inpenetrable beings... for some reason music is a solvent for that. and i really believe that music, when it's good, is an unbinding." - glen hansard


behind the cut are some videos of the frames, not from the film.

if you enjoyed the trailer, check out the work of conor masterson (photographer and filmmaker.) if you like what you hear, you can check out the frames, as well as glen hansard (lead singer, solo), and the swell season (glen's project with marketa irglova - sprouted out of their work connected to the film once.)

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