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1860s Marx and the Civil War [19.04.14]

In an essay on humanitarian intervention, Hitchens gives us a note on the connection between Karl Marx and the Civil War, and on how Marx looked more toward America rather than Russia for the great future Utopia.


Many also forget that the international campaign in solidarity with the Union under the Lincoln presidency rallied at a time when it was entirely possible that the United Kingdom might have thrown its whole weight behind the Confederacy and even moved troops from Canada to hasten the partition of a country half slave and half free. This is often forgotten, I suggest, because the movement of solidarity was partly led by Karl Marx and his European allies (as was gratefully acknowledged by Henry Adams in his Education) and because the boycott of Confederate goods, the blocking of shipbuilding orders for the Confederate fleet, and other such actions were to some degree orchestrated by the founders of the communist movement -- not the sort of thing that is taught in school when Abraham Lincoln is the patriotic subject. Marx and Friedrich Engels hugely admired Lincoln and felt that just as Russia was the great arsenal of backwardness, reaction, and superstition, the United States was the land of potential freedom and equality.

-- The Case of Humanitarian Intervention at Foreign Affairs

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The Natural World [19.04.14]


Arsa & lion - Besmir™ Photography

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Если честно, то мир удивителен.

Вот это видео...

...и этот инстаграмм

сделали мой уикенд.

My tweets [19.04.14]

  • Fri, 19:37: Today is so slow. Let's make it through this afternoon.
  • Fri, 19:41: Yay! I got a B on my final. I was so worried I might fail it.



JOBS (2013) ♥♥♥♥ het verhaal van steve jobs. zijn weg van college dropout tot een van de meest gerespecteerde creatieve ondernemers van de 20e eeuw. ...Collapse )
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Where have you gone again, my sweet? [18.04.14]

-There's nothing like post-concert album revisits. It's kind of tricky when it's music I use for writing - Muse and Queens of the Stone Age have been notable because they were both not too distracting before I saw them live and more so after - but studio versions get more depth for me after live versions. And it's not just the songs from the concerts; Lullabies to Paralyze only got singles play at the QotSA show, and I love the whole thing even more now.

-I've been having a decent mood week, which is nice. A little TMI/depression talk.Collapse )

-There's so many corners of New House that I like. I'm on my new desk on my desktop right now - I've been missing my Steam games - and the recliners in the home theater are great for laptop/movie time (although the TV's still getting worked out), and I just spent some time in the hot tub. All of that makes me sound like I'm bragging. I probably am, but it's nice. I just have to get my music stuff set up again, and I'll be on cloud nine.

-And now the pets need food, so. I'm going to go do that. (Sister has three cats and a dog, all of which are very clingy when hungry. Understandable.)

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That's Not A Knife! [18.04.14]

"I see you have played knifey spoony before!"

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Celebrities and Stuff [18.04.14]


Video: "I Blame Myself"

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серенький поссум [18.04.14]

"жил-был у бабушки серенький поссум" как-то спел Филин

видите, ребёнок частично с нами всё ещё (:
а тут много
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