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I've had this song on repeat for so long now...

So I'm running down Fifth Avenue headed south.
I'm going to get you that ring I've been thinking about.
I hope that you will like it, I know that you'll like it.
I know you've got your necklace and bracelets so it's different,
I'm different. I know that you're different.
And it doesn't make a difference our differences differ
cause it makes us the same and I needed the change
to call you that day I tried to get you that ring.
I said "Baby, it's Jerry, my cell phone is dead.
I need you, I'm freezing my cheeks are rose red."
So you came to my rescue and kissed my cold lips;
you said "Baby I'm here. Please don't miss me like this!"
But I did, and I do, and I will, and I won't
settle for my bed that's increasingly cold.
I dream every night that you're biting my wrists;
New Orleans and vampires, I miss you like this.
And I did.

I met you at a party, you grabbed me and smiled.
You knew me from class, I fell for you like a child.
It was just an accident, I don't know what happened.
Next thing I knew we were kissing and laughing
and I took you to dinner, we danced in my kitchen.
We tried to be quiet when Lauren knew we were kissing.
We partied real hard and we stayed up until dawn
having the best you know what all day long.
Remember when Kevin walked in on us drunk
then he messed up his car, man that party was fun.
I loved watching you play your piano and violin
and you loved it when I tried to sing you to bed.
You said "Baby, oh baby, please sing me to sleep!"
Man I tried and I tried not to slip out of key
but I did, like I do so I'd stop to kiss
you but you'd already be sleeping, and I laughed cause it's cute.
I miss you.

Elliott Smith was right when he said
"Nobody broke 'my' heart"
Yeah, I broke my own...
'cause I can't finish what I start.
Don't leave me, don't leave me. The Bronx is my coffin
and you are my chocolate; put kisses in my pocket.
Alligator, alligators all covered in orange;
biting my fingernails while you dream of New Orleans.
Well, for kissing in taxi cabs, romance and restaurants;
for eating home-made dinners that took me too long;
for your dark hair, dark eyes, and all your surprises;
for the way that I run, and Clark Kent, I decided that
I want you to be happy with whatever you do.
And wherever you are, I'll be thinking of you.
I'm sorry, I'm an asshole, I said things I don't mean.
Thank you for everything I'll miss you Lizzy G.
And I do.

Go listen to it - Alligator Alligators by Trophy Scars