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dear diary i already went there tomorrow
i don’t know where i am going but going nowhere, everywhere
the whole of everything, true life light in me in my water
do i sink time takes me forwards the earth the earth the earth my love my heart my shame my peace within
without please take me take me take me lift me up sweet
i drain away i drain away my being come
Del Kathryn Barton

Whoever you are, know that I will be waiting here; waiting for your eyes, waiting to fall in love. I've learned to forget what I think I know; these notions seem to change with the tide. So I wait with open arms for you to embrace me. I wonder what your face will look like. I wonder what your skin will feel like. I wonder what your hair will smell like. I wonder if you'll like me as much as I'll like you. I've torn down these fences & burned down my walls. You're welcome to step in, because there is nothing keeping you out. If you are meant for my heart, I will not question. All I want are your footprints in this sand.

I really enjoyed this post! but I've gotta agree that the music needs to go under a cut.
WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!! This post is one of the most EPIC, BEAUTIFUL things ever <3
I saved so many of these images to my inspiration folder.
Thanks for making my day :)
You always, always, always find the most beautiful photographs and images to share. What's your secret? ♥
Yay! I was a bit nervous to be posting that type of music..
But whenever I hear these songs I always think "this would be so great to get high to". {unfortunately I'm way too straightedge for that :P}
But that was just the kind of mood I was in at the time of posting.
ANYWAY glad you like it! Haha. xx