January 1st, 2011

paul weller and joan jett interview

this is a really great interview from 1977 of paul weller and joan jett on the tomorrow show. it's said in the video that weller is 18 but he's actually 19 in this video, which is still bloody young for the things he's saying, beyond his years. it's in two parts. 

Q: What is this attitude [of New Wave]?

PW: It’s an attitude of the youth, of life’s oppression. For years youths have been unrecognised and this is just a way of getting back.

Q: At whom?

PW: At whoever suppresses them.

Q: And what do you think is suppressing you? Or who you think has suppressed you?

PW: …things like school… Constantly the teachers are telling you like, what they’ve learned in past years and how they’ve fought the war for you - which I’m very grateful - but I’ve got things to tell them as well. So now I’m doing it.

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something new every day

 I would like to introduce you to my favourite writer – Edward Stachura

Saint saint saint – shine hurting our eyes
Saint saint saint – the earth that bears us
Saint dust on the road
Saint stick next to leg
Saint drops of sweat
Saint wandering
Saint stone in field
Sit on it, please, sir
Saint flicker of dew
Saint saint saint – the earth that bears us

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you have to be as quick as forthcoming moment