February 15th, 2011

A request, along with some video game-related inspiration

A short while ago, someone posted a picture on this comm that was of two women's faces side by side, one wearing a burkha with "east" written underneath and the other with a woman with a blindfold on saying "west" under it.

I stupidly didn't save it, and now it's painfully relevent for a project at college and I'd really appreciate it if someone could post it for me in a reply. It'd also be cool if anyone could tell me anything about the origin of the picture.

And now some inspiration =D Amazing video games related things!

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(no subject)

I am currently battling mental illness, and I've been finding it really inspiring and helpful to collect images concerned with mental health/depression/madness, so I thought I'd make a post. I feel the need to point out that I'm not trying to glamorize any of this - I hate that I have this stupid illness and I want nothing more than to get better. It's just nice sometimes to feel that I'm not alone.

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