July 8th, 2011


Anyone who knows me knows that I knit. A lot. Some people don't get it. I often get people giving me weird looks, or looks of extreme surprise and shock when I tell them I knit. I guess knitting has not been seen as a very "hip" thing to do...but I don't think that knitting has to be a "granny" activity. Handknit sweaters and scarves don't have to look like they were handed down to you from your great-grandmother. There are so many awesome things you can do with handknitting, and I wanted to share some of that.

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Each picture is linked back to the original source. I tried my best to find blog posts and pattern pages, but for most of them, they're linked back to the project page on Ravelry, which you need an account to see. I highly recommend making an account if you're at all interested in knitting! It's an online encyclopedia of knitting patterns, yarns, and designers as well as an amazing community of knitters. Even if you're completely new to knitting, there are so many friendly people in the forums who are willing to help you and point you in the direction of great resources and tutorials.

P.S. My Ravelry username is skudge; feel free to friend me! :)