July 11th, 2011

Discovering My Gift

 Receptivity - The First Step

I wanted to share with y'all something that's helped inspire me to work on my art and improve other areas of my life as well. I've read a fair share of new-age material, such as The Secret, The Power of Now, etc... I've also seen What The BLEEP, and it's all left me with lots of questions and not many answers. However, I've just recently come across a documentary called Discover The Gift, and it's definitely an awesome one. They have a book which I'm an even bigger fan of. Basically, it's the humanist's dream come true... It's a book that details ways in which you can further discover yourself and basically how to "Discover your gift." I know it sounds like a sham, but the cooperative effort of so many artists, speakers, luminaries, and just great people has produced such a great work that it has touched my heart and opened my eyes again to my role here on earth, the love in my heart, and the miracles that can happen when you learn to forgive and open your heart up to those around you... This affected me in my own way, and I invite and encourage you all to find the gift in your own way... Discover The Gift
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