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So, I started using Tumblr only a couple weeks ago, and I'm really looking forward to having new followers and people to follow
The pictures on this post are some of the ones I've posted in my tumblr so far

I haven't been following this community for a long time, so I apologize if there's any repost

Here's my tumblr url, in case someone wants to add me =D http://nameless-liberty.tumblr.com/
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OMG is that JD in his Pirate outfit? Or just a really good impersonater?

Because it looks like Johnny and though I'm not much of a fangirl, I do find that incredibly adorable that he goes around Paris in it.

A+ post!
I'm not sure if it is JD or not, but he's definitely in London. He's reading the London Paper, which is a free newspaper most commonly found on the tube. :)
Nice post. If I'm not wrong, you're in poupee_girl@LJ too, right?

Very curious about the story of this photo.
I'm so curious about the story of that picture too >.<

Oh yeah! I used to play poupee a lot, but not anymore... it got too difficult to get those damn ribbons lol