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 Hi guys, this is my second post here- I hope you all enjoy this one!

I am inspired by the female form, in all shapes, sizes, colors etc!

Again, I cannot take credit for any of these lovely images, but they are gathered almost exclusively from the websites Tumblr.com and Weheartit.com. I wish I could provide the original sources, but I don't know many!

I hope this post inspired everyone to love their bodies just a little bit more, and don't let your so-called "flaws" hold you back from doing ANYTHING you want to do!
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overall, a great post. i do find a couple of these images off-putting, especially ones like this one. even if those sizes are the ideals of heterosexual men and women, that's not what the average size 8, 12, and 16 look like anyway, imo. i'm around a size ten, and my body has a lot more stretch marks, cellulite, and extra fat than those three girls combined, and i'm not unhealthy and i do exercise. yet, photoshop/airbrushing does have a sneaky hand in that. despite that, i do think any promotion of "plus sized" girls at all is fantastic.
Post love :)

I might have mentioned it before, but you might like the tumblog I run, curvesahead.tumblr.com, we post a lot of images like these (in fact, we've posted most of these at one time or another).
i just have to say that i appreciate for once a post advertising "all shapes" actually including thinner girls. i understand that it's a complicated social issue but we're living in an era where women of my (naturally smaller) size are very often castigated by others for not being "real women" with "real curves," etc. and it's like we're not allowed to be hurt by that kind of talk, like just because i'm a size zero my life and self-esteem is all peaches and unicorns shitting rainbows.

so. thanks. a lot. and sorry for the rant.
yes! if we're going to celebrate bodies, we need to celebrate every shape and size under the sun. And I say this as a girl with a round, curvy body! the issue is complicated and there's so much emotion invested in body politics, but it doesn't make sense to demonize other women for their body type, no matter what type it is.

hi, I have tears rolling down my face.
this post is fucking beautiful I can't even deal with this fffff
I love this.
People give me hell for being really tiny, as if i chose to be this way. I still have my flaws, i have stretchmarks and weird spots. it's a nightmare trying to find jeans or bras that fit right, and i'm constantly accused of starving myself or having an eating disorder in general. I'm also used as 'thinspiration' on pro-anorexia websites, which drives me insane. but I'm perfectly comfortable with being 'too skinny'.