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 Hi guys, this is my second post here- I hope you all enjoy this one!

I am inspired by the female form, in all shapes, sizes, colors etc!

Again, I cannot take credit for any of these lovely images, but they are gathered almost exclusively from the websites Tumblr.com and Weheartit.com. I wish I could provide the original sources, but I don't know many!

I hope this post inspired everyone to love their bodies just a little bit more, and don't let your so-called "flaws" hold you back from doing ANYTHING you want to do!
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Frankly, no, those aren't images that stand out to me as being pictures that reinforce positive body images. They're fine images, just not what I was looking for.
I'm very sorry that this post did not meet your expectations, but believe me when I say that I meant no harm. :/
I'm very sorry that this post did not meet your expectations

Well, I don't know you. Or this comm. I was linked here off my flist, and the link just said "Celebration of the female form." So I got here without any expectations, really, except that this probably was not going to be a treatise on growing yams. Or do you mean my expectations that it was posted by someone inspired by the "female form, in all shapes, sizes, colors etc!"--like it says at the top? Yeah, I know, I can't imagine what I was thinking. [wry]

And fine, I accept that you didn't mean to do harm. But that's also not a good enough excuse. And once the harm that you're doing was pointed out to you, you're *not fixing it*--you're just trying to justify your actions and explain about how it's okay, really it is, it's not your fault that you did it like this and it's not really a big deal anyway.

That right there? That's harm.
What is harmful is women knocking each other down when we should be uplifting each other. I think its clear that I wasn't out to make anyone upset with this post, and I feel like your rudeness is uncalled for. If you dislike the post, fine, you're entitled to ýour opinion. However, if you don't like the post, you don't need to look at it and stick around trolling the post. Please take your negativity elsewhere.
[grins] Okay, first, that wasn't rudeness, that was irony. Maybe a little deadpan humor. I was aiming for wit, but I accept that my comic delivery falls a little flat textually.

Second, this isn't trolling. This is me--unanonymous, unsockpuppetty me--reading your post and liking it, and grinning and cooing at all the awesome pictures, and then getting to the end and realizing--there are no women of color here. And thinking to myself that this is obviously a women who feels very strongly about body image, and female empowerment, and all the different kinds of beautiful, who put right up at the top of the post (I checked) that she believes that the female form is beautiful in all sizes and colors. And there were *no other colors there*.

The thing about privilege is that it's invisible to the privileged person. And sometimes it's important for other people to say "...um, you do realize that X has been completely excluded, right?" Because I could also point out that you didn't include women with disabilities either, which is something that I didn't even notice until just now. And that's something that would also be extremely relevant for a body-positive inspiration post.

You created this post for an awesome and laudable goal: to get women to love themselves for who they are. (At least that's what I'm getting from your post, and your comments to me.) To accidentally leave out huge groups of people for, frankly, kind of lame reasons does not do your purpose justice. Leaving them out ON PURPOSE because it's just too difficult to find pictures actively undermines the point you're trying to make.

This isn't negativity. It really isn't. Negativity would be if I started complaining that I didn't like pictures of fat naked women because they're ugly, or something like that. (For the record, I do not feel that way.) This is me seeing your body-positivity and challenging you to raise it by including MORE women, ALL women, not just women that it was comfortable and/or easy for you to go find and see.

I'm not trying to knock you down. I'm sure you didn't mean to make anyone upset with this post, but that's not the point. The point is that someone has expressed to you that it made them upset--ie me--and you have basically told me that *I* am the one who is wrong. That's like someone making a sexist joke in front of you because hey! it's funny! and when you explain to them that it's not okay, then it becomes your fault because hey, it's a funny joke, you just don't get it.
I have just come upon this, and I wanted to express my support for your position and the really clear and reasoned way you expressed it.
Thank you. :) I really hoped I came across that way.

And just to prove the point that sometimes even the most well-meaning people can get it wrong, I just spotted that I used ablist language in my response (ie lame). :(
Ok, so I hope that breaking my silence won't bury me deeper into the pile of shit I've made for myself, so here goes.
I am very, deeply, truly sorry for how I responded to you the other day. I was having an incredibly suck day where I let my depression/anxiety definitely get the better of me and it ended up coming out here, big time. I now realize you weren't pointing out my intentions or how I am as a person, but just the post, and I was having trouble separating that the other day I guess and I felt very hurt and attacked that anyone would think I was racist, sexist, agist, or otherwise.

I tried very hard to include a large variety of folks in this post and foresaw that some people would be upset if their own bodies weren't included. I was frustrated by this thought that no matter how hard I tried, I'd never be able to get everyone (gays, straights, transgender, blacks, whites, native american, indian, blind people, deaf people, people in wheelchairs, people with acne, people with scars, etc) There is such an enormous variety of human beings I felt like someone would feel left out no matter what. I guess I gave up too easily, and for that I am truly sorry. Instead of trying to prove my worth, I should have just tried my hardest to include more. I immediately felt very guilty upon realizing my own shortcomings and got incredibly defensive when I should have been humbled.

That being said, the new comments in this post are AH-mazing, and I hope that they helped you and others feel more included and less alienated, and again, I apologize for bringing those feelings on you.

FYI- part of the reason I excluded different ages from this body post was because I was planning on making a totally age positive post one of these days, and I was saving the pictures I had for that. I also wanted to make a post on so called disabilities and had excluded those pictures for the same reason. I guess my question now would be, do you feel a post like that could be appreciated or have I basically ruined my credibility and point of view with how I acted in this post? Perhaps it would be best to let someone else handle those posts, and I will keep posting pictures of food and shoes, haha!
I'm actually really thrilled that you've broken your silence, because no one wants you silent--least of all me. [grins] I want you loud and talking and doing exactly what you're doing, because this was an awesome concept, it really is, and the ways in which it fell short do not take away from the ways in which it succeeded.

do you feel a post like that could be appreciated or have I basically ruined my credibility and point of view with how I acted in this post?

Honestly, as far as I'm concerned, I'm kinda impressed. [grins] Not everyone has the class and courage to write a comment like this, especially after the conversation we had a couple days ago where things did get a little tense. It's incredibly easy, when you feel attacked, to simply go on feeling attacked and not stop to parse your own feelings and the situation from a different perspective (I know, I've been there myself). The fact that you did, I think actually increases your credibility in making posts like this in the future.

Personally, I loved the pictures that you included. I just wished there had been more of them. :) So I'd love to see further picspams from you.

And also, [hugs] for the suck day. Hope your week goes better.
The intent of the post, which I believe was completely positive, isn't the point. The important thing is that the lack of women of color was non-ideal and reflects a larger trend of POC being left out of things that are supposed to represent all people, and that there is something that could be done to address it, or at least acknowledge it.

Everyone makes mistakes, and it doesn't mean anybody involved in this conversation is a bad person, but it would also be really awesome if this were one of those times when an oversight was pointed out and then something positive came of it, rather than it getting sidetracked into a conversation about the reasons for the oversight, the good intentions behind the post, or the tone of the person who raised the issue in comments.

I believe that this purpose of this post was to uplift women, and I think it has accomplished that for a lot of readers. I also totally believe the POC point is a valid one, and since this post has become big, possibly bigger than you intended, it would be really nice for the POC who will be linked to it if they saw more images of bodies like theirs included. And, if not, hopefully it will at least be good for them to see that the lack of such images is being noticed and talked about.