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 Hi guys, this is my second post here- I hope you all enjoy this one!

I am inspired by the female form, in all shapes, sizes, colors etc!

Again, I cannot take credit for any of these lovely images, but they are gathered almost exclusively from the websites Tumblr.com and Weheartit.com. I wish I could provide the original sources, but I don't know many!

I hope this post inspired everyone to love their bodies just a little bit more, and don't let your so-called "flaws" hold you back from doing ANYTHING you want to do!
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I am inspired by the female form, in all shapes, sizes, colors etc!

While I do appreciate your inclusion of a wide variety of shapes and sizes, I must echo shinetheway with regard to the low number of women of colour depicted in this post. I stress that I don't believe your intent was to exclude women of colour, but that your choice of pictures to include is an unconscious expression of racial privilege on your part.

I would recommend you educate yourself on these issues to avoid giving offence in the future. Googling 'knapsack of invisible privilege' (iirc) will take you to an article which is a good place to start if you're unfamiliar with the concept thereof.
Seriously awesome article, I can't believe I'd never read it before. Thanks for the recommendation!
Not at all, I'm glad you found it interesting :) I've found it a really good article for reccing to people who are new to the concept or who think racism is a thing of the past, especially when I don't have the time or the energy for a full explanatory conversation.

Unrelatedly, I love all the additional photos you've posted, especially that last one. Excellent stuff, thank you!