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 Hi guys, this is my second post here- I hope you all enjoy this one!

I am inspired by the female form, in all shapes, sizes, colors etc!

Again, I cannot take credit for any of these lovely images, but they are gathered almost exclusively from the websites Tumblr.com and Weheartit.com. I wish I could provide the original sources, but I don't know many!

I hope this post inspired everyone to love their bodies just a little bit more, and don't let your so-called "flaws" hold you back from doing ANYTHING you want to do!
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I'm actually really thrilled that you've broken your silence, because no one wants you silent--least of all me. [grins] I want you loud and talking and doing exactly what you're doing, because this was an awesome concept, it really is, and the ways in which it fell short do not take away from the ways in which it succeeded.

do you feel a post like that could be appreciated or have I basically ruined my credibility and point of view with how I acted in this post?

Honestly, as far as I'm concerned, I'm kinda impressed. [grins] Not everyone has the class and courage to write a comment like this, especially after the conversation we had a couple days ago where things did get a little tense. It's incredibly easy, when you feel attacked, to simply go on feeling attacked and not stop to parse your own feelings and the situation from a different perspective (I know, I've been there myself). The fact that you did, I think actually increases your credibility in making posts like this in the future.

Personally, I loved the pictures that you included. I just wished there had been more of them. :) So I'd love to see further picspams from you.

And also, [hugs] for the suck day. Hope your week goes better.