Aww, that image of Ennis Del Mar crying is one of the greatest tearjerker scenes in motion picture history.

Beautiful post. Love the many GIFs of INCEPTION.
Love. This. Post! There are so many movies on here that I heart a lot. Thank you for posting!
Love this post so much. It's brilliant! Do you happen to have a tumblr? Becasue I would so like to follow you if you do..
I'm so glad you like it! ♥ No I don't have a tumblr, actually, never got around got making me one :/
there is no movie with Clare Dane, but if you mean the one with Anna Paquin, it's X-men :D And the one with the amusement park is "Mozart and the Whale" you should see it, it's gorgeous!

Aww, Inception is the best movie I've ever seen, that's for sure ♥
Obviously we have the same taste in movies, men and women.
I loved this post.