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some things i found from tumblr today...

hello. i'm lizzie. just moved to a new lj, trying to make a new start. (and also new friends). i'd like to meet you all. :)

anyhoo, a little bit about me: Lizzie. twenty four. wednesday's child. september. halloween. literature. films. art. photography. the sea. mixed drinks. indie music. floral dresses. vintage posters. pokemon. late afternoons. poetry. deers. bears. owls. sparrows. dolphins. black cats. sunsets. the scent of vanilla. wild lilies. peonies. classics. fantasy illustrations. fairy tales. mythology. wes anderson. mixtapes. writer. artist. painter. sufjan stevens. tori amos.

also, doing some spring cleaning, just in case you find something: rabbit seas.


hello, i'm sophie :)
any ideas of which film the fifth picture is a still from?
this was nice, i wish i knew who some of the photogrpahers/artists were. i could only recognize one image that i would guess is by andy goldsworthy.