Any post featuring MISFITS and THE MIGHTY BOOSH is cool. Where's that tenth image of Noel Fielding from?
It's from Nathan Barley, a black comedy series also starring Julian Barratt. I posted another still on my tumblr. Noel Fielding isn't a lot in it but he's hilarious :) And the whole series is great, if you're a fan of Misfits and the Boosh! :D
I'll have to check out NATHAN BARLEY just because both Julian and Noel are in it. Thank you for telling me about it. :)
Ohhhhh, also! What show is this dude from? I have seen clips on youtube and found it hilarious, I wouldn't mind trying to catch a full episode some fine day!
It's from the movie In the Loop but Peter Capaldi also stars in the same role in The Thick of It which is hi-la-rious and there's probably a few episodes on youtube indeed!