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When this show is funny and Jim Carrey is real, it gives me hope.
really? I did not know that hulu's service was so limited. I'm terribly sorry or my ignorance.
not american so I can't watch hulu but I saw the skit with him and Bill Hader playing Black Swan and it was hilarious, if only for Hader's french accent.
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssss, but seriously, sorry about the American-centric Hulu thing. But I suppose there are some sites and videos that we can't view because of other countries. Wish international copyright laws weren't so complicated...
ah, it's ok. I can use a proxy to watch some of the vids anyway! But yeah, the idea in itself is stupid, it's the internet! Everything ends up on youtube ;)
Jim Carrey's a Scientologist now, so the days of him being "real" are gone I think.
Oh yeah, I remember hearing about that. I think I blocked it out. Or was trying to.