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Hey, everybody! It's been a while so this is a bit long

Give it a chance

This video is quite long and I don't expect many people to watch it but it's really wonderful

thanks for looking :)
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This is such a fun post! Meming so that I can watch the last vid later. :D

Thanks! Oh, good it's totally worth it. Sarah Kay is just lovely and makes me want to be less cynical.

DFTBA to you as well!
*saving post to Memories*

Gawd, what a stunningly gorgeous post with amazing pictures.

LOL at that cute video of Robin unable to stop saying, "Holy !"
i love this post, it's so deliciously random and beautiful and funny at the same time. bonus points for including a song of the lioness picture cause it's pretty much trueXD
thank you! That's the exact combination of qualities I always want my posts to have :D

ISN'T IT? I lol'd for ages when I found that picture!
This was lovely! Thank you thank you thank you for rekindling my interest in spoken word poetry... Sarah Kay's TED talk just left me speechless. Just "wow" is all I can say right now - thank you :)
I adore spoken word. I'd love to perform but I'm just.. not good with being on stage or, y'know, writing poems.. somehow, I don't think it's gonna work out for me lol
Hey, being on stage in front of people, it's not for everyone! I'm not too good with it either, but I do write a bit of poetry, just not nearly as good as any of those Spoken Word artists :') Also do you know where the painting of the Chinese warrior and the bird girl are from?
PS: I can't believe Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye are not related. That is some crazy coincidence.
You know, I really fucking am? It's so good to be acknowledged :P

No, srsly, thank you. that's a ridiculous compliment.
Thank you for posting that last video. It was really beautiful and so very inspiring♥ Great post!
No problem, bb. It's too good not to share. I'm just really glad people are watching it!
Wow, what a fantastic post. Thanks so much for sharing that Jenyne Butterfly video in particular, it really inspired me to warm up my gymnastics and ballet skills and keep myself from losing them.
Good plan! A lot of the pole dancing girls have gymnastics/ballet backgrounds. I think its a really fun and sexy way to stay in shape and to continue using those skills. Believe me, if I didn't have a fused spine I'd be all about it.
This post is just way too awesome. Thank you!

PS - I was skeptical of the pole dancing video, but WOW. I expected it to be typically vulgar and overtly sexual, but instead it was sensual, artistic, graceful and incredibly acrobatic. Wow again!
Competitive pole dancing / pole dancing for fitness is super interesting and I really suggest people check it out. A lot (but not all) of the girls have a gymnastics background.

Here's a few more
Jenyne again
Felix Cane, World champion & Cirque du Soleil performer
Felix again
Rebecca Butcher

They're not all the same "style" as Jenyne but still worth a click. :D
Gorgeous buildings, Sherlock, the best Doctor and My Drunk Kitchen? Excuse me whilst I bask in the brilliance that is this post.
Oh man, this is awesome. :DDD Especially the costumed Batman and Robin (*______* most precious), and that Alanna one (is that a TP quote, or just a statement of fact? Either way, it's true, and I think that just makes her so much more awesome, but I'm biased ^__^), and...y'know what, it's late, I'm incredibly sleepy, I'm just going to leave it as, incredibly awesome. :)
I've always loved your Tumblr. And this confirms it. (I'm glitterbooshwoolies, already following ^_^)
YOU POSTED RIVES! Along with other amazing things (the Tamora Pierce cover is just perfect, ahahah)... Fantastic post, thank you!