Dear dreamers and lovely ones,
I wanted to share with you some of my work from the past month or so in which I have been working oh so very hard.
I felt like some of you might be interested in some of the things that i create with my hands and my brain and my heart.
So here they are,

Coloured Window installation

documentation of failure
My documentation of failure (to grow crystals and to be productive in my life. I documented every day, the growth-or non growth of crystals in my glasses and all of the things i didn't or couldn't do, thus the relationship between art and life, non-productivity in art= non productivity in life)

The following are the amazing growth which occurred in the afterlife of my project Caeruleus Mineralis (pictured below)

Caeruleus Mineralis - in which i attempt to mine an unattainable mineral out of the earth. I dream of a world where these shades naturally exist and you can dig this up and roll in it.

Colour Wheel- an interactive installation

x ray
photo project

photo experiments, ghosts in the studio

photo experiment with acetate

The following is a series based on the work of Ana Mendieta- Siluetas in which my body is slowly taken over by the earth
Burial 1
Burial 2
Burial 3
Burial 4

The End!
Thank you for looking- comments/questions/critiques much appreciated!
Love your style! Do you have a blog or portfolio site or something?
i love these! especially the documentation of failure, "non-productivity in art= non productivity in life": that is so true. do you have a website? and do you study or have studied fine arts? also, may i add you? :)
Thank you! The documentation of failure was a project that came directly from that- inability to produce work.
I don't have a website at the moment but I have my Flickr
I am currently studying Visual Arts and i lovelovelove it!
And definitely adds are welcome :)