Heading South, I Drowned On A Back To Leave I Know I'm Okay

A playlist - songs that may push you off the edge, songs that you just want to lie down on your bed to and stare back at the ceiling in sadness or songs you take with you for a walk through the night.

The Hush Sound | Hurricane
and since the roof fell in / i'll lean on what matters / caught in the slightest wind / everything else unravels

Shout Out Louds | Blue Headlights
sarah wrote epistles on the subject of despair / on the only night last year where there was no love in the air

Sharon van Etten | One Day
you don't leave me now / do you love me back?

Manchester Orchestra | I Can Feel A Hot One
hoping you would show your face / but i haven't heard a thing you've said / in at least a couple hundred days

Great Lake Swimmers | Your Rocky Spine
and your body was the map / i was lost in it

Rocky Votolato | White Daisy Passing
they meant everything but the wind just carried them off / and you can't go back now just a passing moment gone

Loquat | Swingset Chain
i know i can't tie you to a leash / but something tells me you'd go further than greece / and then i'll have to figure out what to do / i'm kind of afraid I'm co-dependent on you

Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Maps (Acoustic/Strings)
wait... they don't love you like i love you

Nada Surf | Inside of Love
i'm on the outside of love / always under or above / must be a different view / to be a me with a you

A Fine Frenzy | Last of Days
the world carries on without you / but nothing remains the same / i'll be lost without you / until the last of days

Joseph Arthur | Honey And The Moon
don't know why i'm still afraid / if you weren't real i would make you up

Kate Tucker | Everything Went Down
this bed, these pills, they're painting / they make me feel like leaving / what will they say, tomorrow




have a great weekend ahead

hush sound, a fine frenzy and yeah yeah yeahs? i love you and this.