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and some other stuff

i talk a lot about dogs, fandom, my personal nosnsense, and i'm very interested in social justice
Ah, love your style! :D The Fall, the hair colors, all of it. <3
yay, i'm glad you enjoyed it! there weren't quite as many as the cut implied but i'm pleased you liked what was here
wow, you have a great taste in art!
i totally love the creepy ones!
thank you very much for sharing ♥
Oh, thank you!
my favorite creepy one up there is the one of black shuck. just because it's my favorite folk tale/phenomenon and good art of it is so rare. I would draw shuck personally, but i'm always afraid of not doing the phenomenon justice.
lovelovelove this post! & your tumblr's a Savage Garden lyric. We're an e-match made in LJ heavan ;)
yessss, i just moved to this blog in like september. it's weird not being some variation of "fearnot" but i do smile everytime i see my tumblr name.
Definitely pulled a stupid and was like, "THIS PERSON IS AWESOME AND I MUST FOLLOW THEM ON TUMBLR" and then I realized I already do. :D