We can stay here forever now.

“the things that we have with each other, that i dont have with any other person, with any other human being, apart from you. we should be with each other, and i feel it so strongly.”
Anna, Like Crazy

“When it’s real. When it’s right. Don’t let anything stand in your way.”
Crazy, Beautiful (2001)

“remember what you’re worth,
remember you’re worth fighting for, 
remember you’re not a punching bag,
remember you’re not a doormat, 
remember you are valuable, 
remember you are repairable,
remember you matter, 
remember they dont." -Jacob Hoggard 

i want to go on a road trip. just you, me, the highway, and the radio. the blue sky, the black roads, and the windows down. we’ll talk about everything and nothing and we’ll sing our hearts out and we’ll make memories we’ll never forget. just you and me.

Everything that comes together falls apart.
- John Green, Looking For Alaska

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I have the catholic cartoon saved on my phone, it just makes me laugh. :)