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I love looking at pretty food.

What kind of food do you like?

Heres mine: bananas, bean and cheese burritos, beans and cheese, bell peppers, bread, carrots, cheese, cheese cake, cheese enchiladas, cheese fries, cherries, chocolate cake, chocolate milk, chow mein, corn bread, crackers, cupcakes, egg rolls, fortune cookies, frapps, french bread, french fries, fried zucchini, fruit, garlic bread, grapes, grilled cheese, guacamole, hash browns, iced coffee, italian soda, jam, juice, lasagna, lattes, muffins, mushrooms, onions, pizza, potatoes, pretzels, quesadillas, rice, sandwiches, scrambled eggs, siriracha, smoothies, spaghetti, sparkling lemonade, strawberry milk, tea, toast, vegan burgers, vegan corn dogs, water, watermelon, 

stunning. I'm trying to maintain a clean eating diet so i love seeing food beautifully presented; it inspires me to try to make a 'clean' versio of the same meal that looks and tastes just as good. Thanks for posting!
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i'll take one of everything kthnx.
i love pumpkin pie. and chicken pot pie. and macaroni and cheese. yum
thanksss for sharing.